Helping You to Support Children and Families affected by AIDS

Beautiful Gate

Our mission is to care for and protect children, empower and preserve families and mobilize our community. We are a non-denominational Christian organisation that demonstrates the love of God by helping all those in need, irrespective of background or faith.

Founded in 1994 with a focus on making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, the project has grown to embrace an approach of strengthening families and the community via it’s different programmes. The first child care centre in 1994 accommodated an initial group of street children in Muizenberg. Due to the increasing problem of HIV in the townships a hospice for children living with HIV was opened at Mfesane in 1999 and five years later a new child and family centre was established in Lower Crossroads.

During the last strategic planning we identified key issues facing our community and this led us to focus on the following areas: Crisis care for children, Strengthening families, Youth leadership, Capacity building for community groups.

Our response to these community needs is structured into the following programmes:

  • Paediatric and Adolescent HIV clinic – In partnership with the Western Cape Dept of Health and the local Crossroads 2 Community Health Clinic, as well as other partners Beautiful Gate provides a paediatric and adolescent HIV clinic service to some 500 local children. Our main goal is to ensure children and teens are able to access quality HIV services and grow up being able to accept and manage their disease to live a long and meaningful life.
  • Child Care Centre – We provide 21 safe places for children who have been removed from traumatic situations and needing a safe and loving home before being returned to their family or being fostered.
  • Family Re-unification – This service ensure that families are re-connected to their children through re-unification and fostering.
  • Strengthening families – Our initiatives include providing social work support to assist in access to grants, short term food relief, advice and referrals, for hundreds of families each year to help them stay together and find long-term solutions. We also provide proactive parenting training and community safety parent training to promote a positive parenting movement!
  • After School Clubs – We provide After School clubs for hundreds of children who need a safe place to do homework, have a meal, develop drama and musical talents and play sports.
  • Youth Resource Centre – The aim of the centre is to empower the youth by connect young people with opportunities to access career guidance, study and work.

For more information, please contact us on:

Tel: +27 (0) 21 370 2500


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