Helping You to Support Children and Families affected by AIDS

Who We Support

Beautiful Gate

Who they are

Beautiful Gate, situated in Crossroads, provides care and support to vulnerable children, while strengthening the capacity of families within the community to care for their own and other children.

How we’re involved

Every week Lerato’s Hope volunteers assist in the charity shop, sorting donations, packing and pricing stock. This allows people in the community who have very little to purchase items they need cheaply and with dignity. We also provide food parcels, clothing and other resources that are used at Beautiful Gate and in the community to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. We also source skilled volunteers in areas such as nursing, maintenance and IT to help meet the needs at Beautiful Gate, along with financially supporting a doctor to work one day a week at the local clinic.

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Abahlobo Crèche

Who they are

Abahlobo Crèche is an Early Childhood Development Center in Barcalona township. Abahlobo crèche has started out of the home of a compassionate lady, Nomahomba Sixoka affectionately known as Mama Beauty, who saw the need for a safe space for the children in her community. Abahlobo crèche provides two meals per day as well as early childhood development for 35-70 children between the ages of 0-6 years old.

How we are involved

Lerato’s Hope has an eight year relationship with Abahlobo Crèche which has seen us rebuild the crèche with precast cement panels after it was burnt to the ground, installation of electricity and establishment of play surfaces for the children. Lerato’s Hope has built and equipped a kitchen and provides weekly food parcels that enable Mama Beauty to create two nutritious meals every day for the children attending Abahlobo crèche . We have arranged ECD training for the caregivers and provide ongoing ECD material, mentoring and support for the crèche. We are in the process of having Abahlobo registered with the local city authorities in our quest to help them move forward towards being self-sustainable.

HIV program at the Lower Crossroads Clinic

In partnership with the Western Cape Dept of Health and the local Crossroads 2 Community Health Clinic, as well as other partners Beautiful Gate provides a paediatric and adolescent HIV clinic service to some 500 local children. Our main goal is to ensure children and teens are able to access quality HIV services and grow up being able to accept and manage their disease to live a long and meaningful life.