Helping You to Support Children and Families affected by AIDS

What We Do

Food Program

There are two arms to our food distribution programme: Lerato’s Hope runs food drives to collect food items to pack into food parcels for our partner organisations, which is vital for their ministries to function effectively. This food is delivered on a bi-weekly basis, and specifically ordered by our partners according the needs of the people they serve.


Each food parcel includes the following non-perishable items:

  • 500g Dried beans
  • 425g Pilchards
  • 2kg Rice
  • Peanut butter
  • 750ml Cooking oil
  • 2.5kg Sugar
  • Mielie Meal
  • 500g Samp and beans
  • Pasta
  • Jam
  • 1 Soup Packet
  • Oats

Lerato’s Hope prides itself in being a grassroots organization and many of our food items come from community donations where schools, churches and individuals donate food, which Lerato’s Hope distributes to those in need.

Some of those to whom we have delivered food include:

  • Beautiful Gate in Philippi
  • Alahlobo crèche in Barcalona
  • Churches in disadvantaged or informal areas who are trying to impact poor families affected by HIV and AIDS in their communities


Volunteers form the backbone of our organisation and increase our capacity a hundredfold. In 2014 alone we had close to 200 people give of their time and services to help Lerato’s Hope and our partner organisations in various ways ranging from child care to IT support.


Some volunteer opportunities we offer:

  • School volunteer mobilization for food drives, fundraising activities and clothing collection. Lerato’s Hope meets with local schools to sensitize them to the needs of the broader community and encourage them to adopt a project that can help them impact those in need Form part of our school community: In you would like to be a part of this community of caring schools and are looking for an opportunity to develop citizenship and community participation it would be our privilege to connect you to a project that will motivate and grow your learners.
  • Food & clothing distribution: You can form part of a team that assists with the sorting of food, clothing and other resources to our partner organisations.
  • Volunteer Data Base: Let us know the types of things you are good at (e.g. computers, administration, handiwork, gardening etc) and we will put you on our database and contact you when an opportunity arises.

Distribution of clothing and non-food items


Distributing clothes is a direct example of linking urban resource with peri-urban need. Many people in poverty stricken areas are at the mercy of crime, rain and fire. This is further complicated if a person is ill or unemployed, and thus not in a position to earn a living. Children are the most vulnerable to cold and sickness, especially if their immune system is compromised.Lerato’s Hope acts as a middle-man by sourcing and receiving many donations of clothes, stationary, educational toys as well as household items like chairs, tables, carpets & kitchen ware from people within our community and distributing them to those people in need. Currently the clothing that we collect goes to Abahlobo Crèche and Beautiful Gate as well as supplying a community based thrift store in Lower Crossroads. While we are grateful for all the clothing we receive, we ask that the clothing be clean, folded and repaired and that any household items must be in a good, working condition. This is out of respect for the people receiving them.

Connecting YOU

As we work in areas of great need we come across many volunteer and donation opportunities that, whilst are outside of our core focus, are nevertheless meaningful. We keep a database of these needs and projects and make relevant between needs and potential providers where possible. If you want to make a difference in this world then we can connect you to organisations and projects that are in need. We can also advise organisations who are wanting to join in the 67 minute service component of Mandela Day to identify suitable projects where their help will change lives.

Mentoring and Advocacy

Lerato’s Hope provided mentoring and management consulting and coaching to NGOs that work in the HIV/AIDS and children at risk areas. We support through providing consultation services in the areas of strategy, human resources and industrial relations.

In a country where World AIDS day is remembered at institutional and corporate levels, Lerato’s Hope has been at the forefront of championing the rights and needs of children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. We have been asked to address the realities of the HIV pandemic at both local, national and international levels and have supported the writing and implementation of HIV/AIDS policies in the workplace.

Funding and Support

Lerato’s Hope uses its established and audited track record to act as a conduit for funding for local HIV related projects. Given our knowledge of local conditions and the project management and financial systems we have developed, we are able to offer CSI funders the guarantee that their investment reaches the intended target. Our involvement with organizations that we fund does not stop at the banking of money. We offer practical and technical support to beneficiaries, and Lerato’s Hope is represented on the management boards and the advisory boards of many of the beneficiaries of funds sourced by Lerato’s Hope.